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More than 100 000 Ukrainian families lost their homes due to russian invasion
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A gloomy picture appeared on the territories liberated from the Russians: destroyed and burned houses, burnt land, and separated families.

People have nowhere to return, their family nests are gone. Without people, entire communities will decline. We have to help Ukrainians return home, we have to help families reunite, and we have to help entire regions of Ukraine revive.

114 700
houses were destroyed
114 700
families are homeless
$5.4 bil
*According to Kyiv School of Economics, 02.08.22
we start

NEST can be used year-round for 5+ years:

  • Houses are connected to existing utilities
  • Have tools for electric heating
  • Equipped with the necessary plumbing and furniture

Help Ukrainian families to come back to their family nests


Stories of families whose home was destroyed


Our ambassadors who support NEST and Ukrainians in word and deed.

Ihor Syrovatko
Ihor Syrovatko
Chief Customer Officer OLX Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan
My town Irpin is one of the most destroyed de-occupied territories, and around me every day I see the devastating remains of once cozy houses. The people who lived there now actually have nowhere to live! And in such conditions, it is impossible to think about victory, plan your future, even tomorrow! Many people are ready to rebuild, work hard, and save what is left...but it is very difficult to start without support.

When I heard about NEST, I believed that this project is a way out of a difficult situation and the possibility of a scalable solution for hundreds and thousands of families. Therefore, I decided to join and do everything I can so that as many people as possible return to their family nests and continue with their lives.
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