Become a partner of NEST

We gratefully accept the help of every partner, because it means that one of the families has become closer to returning home to their land.

Become a partner
Each NEST modular house consists of fully furnished and equipped modules

The cost of each module is $5,000

In the minimum configuration, the house consists of 3 units:

Depending on the size of the family, the bedroom modules are added to the house in the needed amount.

Financial support of the project

Examples of directing finances depending on the size of the contribution





From the company to the project fund


Donate for

1 module

$5 000+

for the house


Donate for

4-5 modules

$20 000-$25 000+

1 house worth (depending on family size)


Donate for

20 modules

$100 000

4 to 6 houses worth (depending on family size)


Donate for

50 modules

$250 000

10 to 13 houses worth (depending on family size)


Informational support of the project

If you, your organization, or your business have an international audience, the informational support will be very valuable for NEST!

For the company's digital products: creating a banner/pop-up/page about the project and a CTA for donations

For business locations: placement of banners, QR codes, and special informational products (stickers, postcards, etc) with CTA for donations

Creating/sharing publications from NEST charity project and families who need support

Creating custom visuals and materials for your placement together with NEST team

Offer support

The project team will contact you within two working days after filling out the application to get to discuss the opportunity for cooperation

Stories of families whose home was destroyed

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