Bring a Christmas miracle for Ukrainian families whose home was completely destroyed by russian shelling!
Help us purchase modular houses for families at the de-occupied Kyiv region, whose biggest dream is returning home.
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modular house
about nest modular
  • Basic house price 15 000 $ (kitchen, bedroom, bathroom)
  • Ready-to-live: full equipmented and furnitured
  • Extra bedrooms for larger families (+5000$ per module-room)
  • Connection to the engineering networks needed only
  • Term of production and assembly: 4-5 weeks
  • Year-round living conditions
  • 100% free for family, the house is transferred to their ownership
happy boy destroyed building

It’s true love and kindness what Сhristmas is really about. It’s about seeing your loved ones happy and feeling it’s YOU who brings the magic for them!

Ukrainian Christmas is no different. We wanna make our loved ones so happy this time of year. But this year, even more than ever. Every Ukrainian is our loved one, and we’re protecting our dream together: a free, peaceful country. Seeing many of them suffer from russian agression and not being able to help all of them hurts us so much.

After russia started a full-scale invasion of Ukraine February 24th, more than 114 thousand private houses were totally destroyed by shellings.

burned to the ground
help families
family at home

Stories of families whose home was destroyed

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