NEST is a project of the Humanitarian Center of Serhiy Prytula Charity Foundation for Ukrainian families in de-occupied villages whose private house was completely destroyed as a result of russian invasion. The project cooperates with the local government of deoccupied communities to receive all verified information on damages and families who need temporary housing.

Serhiy Prytula Charity Foundation is one of the biggest Ukrainian charities aimed at providing help during russian war.
Recently the Foundation's board members were represented during US Congress Helsinki Commission hearings on the Ukrainian volunteer movement.



From the start of the full-scale invasion of russia, thousands of Ukrainian families were forced to leave their homes to avoid occupation, humiliation, torture, and death. The russians spare no one, mercilessly bombing villages and cities.



So now the people in the de-occupied territories face a problem: there’s land, but there’s no longer a house. It is destroyed, burned, crushed by tanks, and robbed. Where do you return? How do you return?

People have nowhere to return because it can take years to restore a destroyed home or build a new one. But our people want to rebuild their nests. They want to be back on their land, their gardens, their apple and cherry orchards; the place where they lived many happy years, where their children were born, and where their ancestors are buried.
Ukrainians want to work and rebuild their country.

The walls, windows, and roofs were burned at the hands of the russians.
The roads were bombed, and schools destroyed.
The fields and gardens were desecrated.
But we are coming home.

The russians destroy, and we rebuild! Ukraine will be revived, and it will be revived by our fellow citizens - Ukrainians.

We have to give them this chance.
Join our initiative, join the restoration of Ukraine!

The NEST initiative allows people to get a temporary mobile home for free and install it on their own property

This is an opportunity to be at home and live in decent, comfortable conditions with your relatives while the destroyed family home is being restored

Our initiative focuses on people whose housing is fully destroyed, but they have their own plot and are ready to rebuild their homes on it

NEST is a mobile modular home with all amenities, built from environmentally friendly and durable certified materials. You can connect the communications available on the site: water supply, drainage, heating, ventilation, electricity, and the Internet. Modularity allows you to expand the living space even for very large families.

The houses already have everything necessary for living: external and internal equipment, plumbing, electrical and lighting equipment, and furniture. People can move in immediately and start rebuilding their family nests.

NEST is a chance to come back home.

We must give Ukrainian families a means of return, an opportunity for reconstruction, and an incentive for family reunification. Give Ukrainians a fishing rod, and they will feed themselves and the whole world. They are not helpless.

With your financial support of this project, you give Ukrainian families a tool to return home, continue to fight, and rebuild their country. In return, after getting back on their feet, Ukrainians will work for the benefit of the whole civilized world. They will forever remember their friends that were a shoulder to lean on in these difficult times.

Join our initiative, join the restoration of Ukraine!
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